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Packing for Strateski can be hard, especially if you are flying to your destination. Luggage allowances are often challenging, to say the least, when there is so much that you need to take! 

With your ski boots and helmet filling the only bag you can check into the hold, you might find yourself with a few decisions to make. Will that spare jacket have to stay at home? Do your favourite jeans have to be sacrificed if you are to pass the dreaded baggage weigh-in at the airport?

Even if you are driving to the slopes and hiring your equipment, it’s all too easy to forget something which could make or break your trip. Here’s our recommended essentials to pack for skiing and a few tips for ensuring that you can squeeze them all in!


Temperatures can vary dramatically on the slopes and it’s incredible how quickly you warm up when you are active. Dressing in layers improves insulation to keep you warmer in colder conditions. You will also have the freedom to omit or remove a layer if you overheat tackling that black run. Pack good thermal base layers that are comfortable against your skin, a long-sleeved fitness top, and a fleece or fleece-lined mid-layer. 


Skiing off-piste can be dangerous, even if you know the area. Take an ARVA (avalanche transceiver) if you are heading off the beaten track. This kit could save your life and won’t weigh you down.


Waterproof snow boots are must-haves for walking around the village in those rare times when you drag yourself away from the piste. True, snow boost are bulky additions to your luggage but check out our top packing tips to find out how to squidge them in.


Trust us, you don’t want to ski without gloves and they are easy to lose. Imagine that moment when you are on the ski lift and your phone rings. You remove your glove to answer it and oh no! Your glove is at the bottom of a ravine and there’s no way of getting it back. Pack ski gloves and spares!


We would recommend wearing a helmet at all times when you are skiing but you will also need a hat. Keeping you warm and toasty when off the snow and quite possibly saving your ears from frost bite, a woolly hat just has to find its way into your luggage. It also presents a fabulous opportunity for making a fashion statement of the memorable kind – you can’t beat a splash of colour and the odd pom-pom!


Your layered look will keep you warm when things go sub-zero but don’t forget to protect your neck and chin. A neck warmer won’t take up much space in your bag and could make all the difference to your comfort on the white stuff.


A few hours in the in the winter sun can leave you looking like a very ripe tomato. Pack sunscreen with a high SPF and don’t forget to smother it on every morning before you head out. Take a small plastic bottle as well so you can carry sunscreen in your pocket for top-ups.


Cold air and windy conditions will take a toll on your lips in minutes rather than hours. Avoid cracked lips by packing lip balm which you can slip into your jacket every day, enabling you to top up when you need to.


The glare from the snow can be blinding so pack your shades because you are going to need them when you take your goggles off. Invest in a robust case to protect them in your pocket and remember, it’s impossible pose around the piste without cool shades!


Every skiing trip is pretty much guaranteed to create amazing memories. Preserve them for posterity with happy snaps and magic movies by packing your cameras. Don’t forget your GoPro if you want to capture your exploits on those death—defying runs! If you are taking your cameras, you will also need spare batteries, memory cards and chargers.


You now know what to pack but how do you squeeze it all into your luggage? Even if you are travelling by car, you can avoid the hassle of wrestling with multiple bags by engaging in judicious packing.

The easiest way to prevent your clothing from cluttering your bag is to wear it. Think about travelling dressed in your jeans, a mid-layer, your ski jacket and your snow boots. Fill your ski boots with socks and undies before placing them in your bag. Ditto your helmet. Put all of your other clothing into vacuum bags to reduce their volume by half or more before packing them. You will be astonished how much you can squeeze into a small space!


Ski bags are under-used resources! You have to pay a small fortune to get your ski bag on the plane, so get your money’s worth by packing it out with t shirts, tops and base layers. 

Put your camera, sunglasses and any other valuables in your hand luggage or your jacket pockets to keep them safe and to save space in your bags. If you need a handbag and your airline won’t allow you to take that too, invest in a bum bag and use that instead. It could also come in handy on the piste.