Are you tired of the same old conference formats?

Strateski is an informative and innovative unconference for language company owners and managers where everyone has a voice.

It provides the perfect opportunity to discuss the issues that matter to you with small groups of like-minded professionals and influencers in a secluded environment.

Have you spent hours listening but have never been heard?

You can explore new ideas, share your thoughts, discuss your challenges and plan for the year ahead in a relaxed atmosphere which fosters productive discussions.

This is a freestyle event! You help to set the agenda and it’s fine to go off-piste!

The further you remove yourself from distraction the closer you are to success


Business is often conducted on golf courses around the World, so why not on the slopes? Stunning vistas and adrenaline rushes are guaranteed to inspire and empower you.

The shared sporting endeavours create a spirit of freedom and help you to build trusting relationships which last.

Why not join us in the Alps in January for some sensational skiing and amazing networking opportunities?



With their formality, fixed agendas and numerous delegates, conferences can feel rigid, intimidating and even overwhelming.

The issues which most effect you may never be discussed and you can be left feeling that you have no voice.

Perhaps it is time to release your bindings and find your edge!

Strateski’s informal atmosphere, flexible agenda and small discussion groups give you the freedom you need to share your concerns and ideas while building new working relationships with fellow LSP’s.

As skiing is also in the mix, you can enjoy yourself too!

At Strateski you can carve your way to success!

Join delegates from the UK, Japan, Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, Poland and the United States