• Agenda



Strateski will host many meetings of minds both on and off the slopes, giving you every opportunity to discuss the issues which matter most to you and to gain the input of others.

You can help us to decide the topics for debate ahead of the event or just go with the flow, it’s up to you. 

We like to keep things flexible and informal, but we do have a plan! 

Your day will feature networking opportunities, informative industry talks and problem solving utilising the Vistage Issue Processing Framework.

Together, we will create a programme which is tailored to the needs and ambitions of the group.


Most conferences offer little opportunity to network effectively.

In a less formal environment, you can really get to know the people behind the familiar faces and build trust.

New working relationships and productive partnerships can be established to better promote our companies moving forward.

The relaxed atmosphere will ensure that both at the hotel and on the slopes, you will enjoy every minute of the day.

There are no mountains to climb except the one you are going to ski down and you can create the connections with influencers that will deliver an exciting future.


Here’s where you help us to create the agenda for the day!

The group will choose the topics for debate and arrange where to meet on and off the mountain.

We will ensure that Strateski features discussions surrounding the issues which matter most to the group.

Also handy for organising your transport and keeping in touch after the event, the Facebook group has messaging and private chat functions.


Many heads are better than one! The Vistage Issue Processing Framework has been evolved to help professionals solve the problems that they face in their businesses.

You can always gain a better perspective with the input of others as your problem is unlikely to be unique.

Issues are appraised to discover the root causes and then solutions are found.

Long-standing difficulties which have been holding your business back can be solved, reducing your stress and ensuring that your business enjoys stability and growth moving forward.